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     One of the main ideas of this website is to introduce each of you with the huge need of movement. Many people are not aware or have no idea that the adequate daily physical activity can prevent or delay conditions assosiated with the vast majority of common health problems like:

- Incidents of vascular nature - stroke, myocardial infarction (heart attack), thrombosis;

- Diseases and conditions associated with the circulatory system - thrombosis, thrombophlebitis, Buerger`s disease, varicose veins, angiopathies, pulmonary embolisms, etc. .;

- Diseases and disorders of the musculoskeletal system - Arthritis and osteoarthritis, vertebral disc lesions, herniated disc, spondylosis, spondylolisthesis (vertebral displacement), acute and chronic pain along the spine, spinal deformities, fractures, joint dislocations (dislocations) and many others;

- Disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system - neuritis, radiculitis, plexitis, neurophaties, diabetic neuropathy, etc.; 

- Disorders caused by irreversible diseases - Parkinson`s disease, multiple sclerosis, senile dementia, Bechterew`s disease, osteoporosis (porous bones), etc.;

- Conditions after surgical interventions - joint prosthesis - total replacement of knee, hip and shoulder joint, application of orthopedic surgical devices (plates, nails and other imperative osteosynthesis means).

- Obesity;

- Pregnancy and puerperium;

- Depression, neurosis and others.

     Therefore the movement can be considered as one of the main methods of prevention and rehabilitation equally to proper diet, taking appropriate medications (if applicable) and the avoidance of risk factors (stress, smoking, alcohol, obesity, etc.). It should be known that the recovery and prevention via physical therapy is a 100% scientific method which is applied worldwide in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, clinics, in elite sports, health care centers and others. Physical activity is the best way to reach rapid and complete recovery for everyone in need.

     Our website will show you in different kinds of media some of the basic methods and techniques to recover from the most common diseases and problems affecting the people of the 21st century. Thus providing the possibility of thousands of you to help his/her recovery and have a better way of life, doing those exercises, techniques and concepts developed from ancient times to the present day.

     We are looking forward to your comments, subscriptions, tips and suggestions for specific diseases and disorders that limit your normal daily living.

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